Bobo Buddies Toddler Blanket Backpack Raffie The Giraffe


Bobo Buddies Toddler Blanket Backpack Giraffe

My name is Raffy and I’m a giraffe,
I’m fun and friendly and love to laugh laugh laugh
Roaming around with my head in the clouds
I can’t hear you down there, you’ll have to shout LOUD!

Meet Raffy The Giraffe. It is soft and cuddly and has a cosy blanket inside. It also can be used as a pillow. BoBo Buddies are 4-in-1 toys that make travelling with little ones, wherever they go (kinder, car or on the plane) fun and easy!

  • 4-in-1 Plush Toy, Backpack, Blanket and Pillow
  • Cosy blanket inside!
  • Elastic straps so each buddy can be carried as a backpack.
  • Machine Washable (30°C)
  • 20cm L x 33cm H x 14cm D x 400g

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