Our Easter escape to Daylesford April 20 2014

Easter this year didn't really spoil us with weather, but hey! It is long weekend and you have to make the most out of it. One early grey morning we jumped in the car and headed north. We found ourselves 150km north west from Melbourne in a little town located in the Shire of Hepburn. Daylesford, here we are!


As we are arriving at the first stop, at the Daylesford lake, the morning breeze is still cold. There are a great variety of birds greeting us from the water and Max is chasing them laughing loudly.

Living in big busy cities we often forget, that only a couple of hours separate us from the breathtaking beauty of the Australian country side.

After a short stop at the Bakery in the Daylesford main street and one strong latte we are heading to the Chocolate Mill. Only a couple of minutes drive and we are there. Located in the most beautiful spot this little house is surrounded by the giant old gum trees. The grey sky and the occasional sun ray make it almost fairytale like.


It is very crowded inside. But it was to be expected, it is Easter! People are busy buying chocolate. The chocolate is delicious. It made from scratch in the old fashioned European way. The way it used to be many-many years before mass production took over.




We aren't staying long. It is a bit too busy and hectic for what we are after. We are off to the Trentham falls. But by the time we arrive there, even though it is just a short drive, Max is soundly asleep in his seat in the back. The fresh country air must be responsible for that.


I am walking down to the waterfalls on my own, leaving my men behind in the car. The scene is overwhelming! Huge ancient gum trees, kookaburras laugh, eucalyptus scent. I only stay a couple of minutes and hurry back to the car.


We are off to Melbourne again and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful autumn day out. Sometimes it all you need to be entirely happy!

Max is wearing Mayoral Boys Reversible Windbreaker Navy

and Ralph Lauren Skinny-Fit Jeans



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