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The children's fashion trend is firmly rooted and growing, as parents around the globe take a more simplistic approach to their kids wardrobe needs. In truth, it's even more about the parents' needs - the need for children clothing that isn't purchased simply because of eye-popping colours, glitz or popular logos. This is a very practical fashion movement that's causing a closer look at the fundamentals of buying clothes for kids.

Selecting clothes to dress 'mini-adults' isn't the answer. Children are, after all...well, children! It's usually recommended to retain some wardrobe playfulness. There's nothing wrong with a burst of sparkles here and there but showy embellishments don't have to dominate the wardrobe.

Designer children clothes are becoming more readily available as fashion designers are testing the waters in this dynamic market. They're discovering that there's plenty of room and opportunity for tasteful and timeless children's clothing designs.

Donna Karan's NY label, DKNY, brings us an eclectic fusion of minimalist and embellished children's styles. For instance, how about a 100% blue denim cotton dress with a neckline ruffle that's edged in energizing neon pink?

The plain ruffle at the hem makes this selection a candidate for the minimalist category. It's cute but simple and durable. At under $30, it's quite the bargain.

At the same price, you'll find boys' quartz crew-neck shirts with long sleeves in 100% durable cotton.

The DKNY logo design is a highly fashionable alternative to the proliferation of sports logos and designs that have long dominated boys' fashion choices.

If you're looking to go minimal with designer logos, too, check out Ralph Lauren's childrens line. You'll discover royal blue or white long-sleeved shirts of 100% cotton that are embroidered with a classy little RL pony on the chest.



Conservative, understated and smart!

RL also appeals to the fun side of kids fashion with selections like the Baby Boy Short-Sleeved LifeSaver Polo of 100% soft cotton with attention-grabbing wide stripes of contrasting colours.

For the Baby Girls, look for the ultra-sweet pink leggings with pretty accent bows at the hems. Adorable!


Mayoral stands ready at the helm of children's minimalist fashion with an assortment of solid beige, navy or grey dress, shirt and pants selections for both boys and girls. Traditional. Timeless. Perfect for some minimalist 'mix and match' outfitting.

The popular approach to childrens minimalist wardrobes places an emphasis on durable, traditional clothes whilst leaving a small amount of space for select pieces that are considered whimsical. Regardless of the designs you choose for your kids, shopping with high quality in mind will save you money in the long run. Unlike inferior-quality clothing that wears out far too quickly, childrens designer clothes often look great even after serving as 'hand-me-downs' for another child or two.

Browse online today for your high-quality minimalist childrens clothes. Whimsical, fun selections are optional!.

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