Brands For Kids Winning Combination: Organic Kids Toys And The Best Baby Gifts April 06 2014

At Brands For Kids, we continue to make a huge splash online with our winning combination. We proudly carry organic kids toys and the best baby gifts. Whether you're shopping for a newborn or a toddler, you can be sure that your selections are safe for the little recipients and eco-friendly too!



Brands For Kids is taking the lead in providing babies and children's merchandise that's affordable, stylish, durable and a joy to give to those very special kids in your life. And, of the greatest importance, you can be sure that the products won't compromise their health and well-being.

It's more important now than ever for retailers to join consumers in supporting manufacturers who step up to take responsibility for their goods. BPA, PCBs, PVC - these toxic chemicals don't belong on your little ones' clothes or in their toys. They can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled or ingested. They can wreak havoc on both short-term and long-term health. Some can even contribute to sterility and alter the structure of DNA



This marvellous San Francisco creation is demonstrating what accountability is all about. They've rolled out an incredibly cute line of soft toys. Made from 100% organic cotton, they'll remind you of the cloth dolls of long ago brought back to life with a modern flair.

Check out their cuddly Organic Farm Buddies and matching cloth rattles. You can purchase each separately or send a gift set for double the fun! There are enough animals to grow a complete barnyard collection as the baby grows.

Add some squeaks for some delighted squeals with affordable, adorable and baby-friendly Organic Farm squeak toys. Ballerina Mouse and her friends are the perfect size and texture for delicate little hands.

How green are Apple Park's Organic Farm gifts? Each organic cotton toy is filled with nature's own corn fiber. They arrive in a fun, decorative box made of recycled paper. Wait. It gets even better. The printing is done with soy ink! How's that for Earth (and baby!) friendly?



Apple Park Organic Farm blankies give the special comfort that all babies and toddlers need. The 100% organic cotton material is soft and soothing. That's exactly how they're supposed to feel. That's why they're called 'security' blankies.

Baby Aspen wins 'best in show' with this cute floral display! How about a window box full of pretty petals that are -ahem- bloomers? These blossoms will brighten up any outfit!

Chomp & Stomp bib and bootie duos are smile-makers! Dress your little shark or dinosaur in style for meal time. These are the cute and fun accessories that cameras were made for!



Shopping online at this Australian Gift Shop is an adventure. Be sure to look at the cute little socks that are disguised as caterpillars.

You'll also find some that look just like triple-scoop ice cream cones. Delicious!

Big Dreamzzz will turn the baby into a Chef or a Fireman

while Mayoral offers Baby Boy Sport Shoes and adorable Mary Janes.

It can be tough to decide when gift shopping for babies and toddlers. Clothes or toys? How about both? Coordinated gifts are always sure to please.

Baby Aspen offers an absolutely adorable Parisian Collection that's at the very top of a lot of wish lists. Imagine a baby

girl adorned in a Paris inspired tunic and bloomer set.

Compliment this stylish outfit with the matching booties and headband for a sure winning combination.


Put the final touch on this thoughtful gift bundle with Monsieur LeSqueak, an adorable plush mouse who holds his very own blankie. With his Parisian beret and scarf, he's sure to become a lifetime keepsake as the baby grows.

Once you decide, the rest is easy! Brands For Kids will be happy to take care of special gift wrapping. Direct shipping to the lucky recipient is also available. Your online shop for organic kids toys and the best baby gifts. 


written by: Zanne Lamb-Hunt

Organic Baby Toys at Brands For Kids February 01 2014

We are very excited because we have added another great brand to the Brands For Kids range of beautiful products for babies and children. Our latest discovery is the adorable range of organic toys from Apple Park.

Apple Park is a San Francisco based company that makes luxurious products for babies and children, which are also environmentally friendly and responsible.

Why organic you say? I did a little research and here is some information for you to understand why you need organic products for your baby or toddler:

When a baby comes to this world it has already been exposed to hundreds of chemicals, for example from the food we (mothers) eat, medication and clothing. To choose organic toys for your baby is a sensible choice to prevent further contact with even more chemicals.

As we all know, babies and toddlers love to chew on their toys. Only problem is that many toys contain BPA which can be harmful to reproductive health and have been linked to many health problems such as Asthma and allergies. Organic products like those from Apple Park are naturally hypoallergenic because they are made from 100% organic cotton and are free from harmful chemicals and materials.

Organic toys are also good for environment. The farms that grow organic cotton use only natural pest control. Organic farming saves energy, protects water quality and keeps harmful chemicals out of our environment.

And if all these facts are not enough, just have a look at these cute organic farm buddies and you will fall in love with them just as we did.

Please meet Boxer Dog, Pirate Pig, Chef Cow, Penny Pig, and Poncho Pony.




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