A perfect bow for beautiful girls dresses! July 07 2013


It is Sunday again. Looks like it is going to be my blog day :-) It was a sunny winter day here in Melbourne and I have been taking pictures of the beautiful toddler's dresses for Brands For Kids summer collection which just arrived on Friday.

I had to iron some of them so they look their best.

One gorgeous Laura Ashley toddler dress had a big beautiful bow on the back. After I ironed it I was left with a problem of how to tie a bow as perfect as it was before I opened it. Sounds easy... Not so easy if you actually need a perfect bow for a picture. After a couple of trials I finally got the twist! I thought I might share this little trick with you just in case you want to know how to make a perfect bow for a little girl's party dress.

 1. First you will have to line up both sites of your sash, smooth, straight and even.

Bring "a" to the right directly over "b" and take it directly under "b" to make the first tightening tie 

 2. Now take the excesses part of "b" and bring it up creating the first loop


3. While holding that first loop in place, bring "a" directly up-behind-around-and-through the "b" opening whole creating the second loop (as you would with shoe laces) 


Here you go, now you should have a perfect bow.


Don't forget to check www.brandsforkids.com.au daily! We have lots of beautiful girls dresses (for babies and toddlers) coming in shortly.

Have a great week 


P.s. Want a little sneak peek?

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