Why we stock Ralph Lauren baby and children clothes. September 12 2014

I love Ralph Lauren's baby and children's clothes. Why? There are couple of reasons:


First of all, I just like the style. Those cute little babies, boys and girls look at you happily and confidently from the magazines and just melt your heart. Even before my son was born I was tempted to get something every time I was at a Ralph Lauren shop.


Second: Who  doesn't have the problem to dress a toddler in the morning? A simple "Daddy's got the same t-shirt on" does wonders in our house. My son doesn't have any idea about brands and he most definitely shouldn't be aware of what he is wearing, but he goes for hours telling me that this shirt is just like DADDY's, and they look very cute in the partner look!

Next point is: Ralph Lauren for kids is by far not as expensive as most people believe it is. Well, maybe it was in Australia before we founded Brands For Kids ;-)


Which leads to my last and most important point: It is GREAT value for money! Once you have two polo-shirts, a sweater, a sweat-shirt and a pair of jeans, your little man is dressed for the season!  Sorry  ladies, if you have a little girl, it won't be that easy, she will also need a dress and a skirt and another dress and a... You know what mean, right?


But seriously, for parents who need durable and comfortable clothes, Ralph Lauren is a very smart choice. In addition,  they wash very well, and you will find that they still look great even after your child has outgrown them. We have lots of hand-me-downs from my nephew to my son and they are all in a excellent  condition! 


Now you know why we stock this fabulous brand. What are your reasons to buy Ralph Lauren for your children? Would love to hear from you!


Have a great day!