BoBo Buddies Blankies Backpacks June 16 2015

Bobo Buddies Toddlers Blanket Backpacks

The Bobo Buddy Backpack is something that is softer, cuter and more functional than any other toy or blanket out there. Each BoBo Buddy is not just a cuddly toy but it also a backpack, a pillow and it hides a cosy fleece blanket inside. This is the most functional cuddly toy for kids on the market.

Bobo products are absolutely perfect for the day to day life of a busy toddler but it is in the car or on a plane when you are going to fall in love with these cute character. Designed with parents in mind, BoBo Buddies are 4-in-1 toys that make travelling with little ones fun and easy. Even without the blanket inside, the buddy's tummy is nice and soft. Attach one of the straps around the headrest of a car, so your little ones can use their buddy’s tummy as a pillow, while cuddled up in their soft blankets!

Bobo Buddies Toddler Blanket Backpack Raffie The Giraffe

Whether you are buying for your little one or as a gift for someone special in your life, this will be the best baby or toddler present you have ever given. The smooth, velvet-like touch and adorable designs will make this little buddy a favourite cuddly toy for many years to come.

Bobo Buddies Toddler Blanket Backpack Mungo The Monkey

Warning: Can be addictive! Your little one won't go anywhere without his/her BoBo!

Bobo Buddies Toddler Blanket Backpack Lulla The Elephant