Why is cotton the best choice for baby clothes and toys. May 13 2015

Why is cotton the best choice for baby clothes and toys.

The day has finally come! You have your little bundle of joy in your hands. It is hard not to notice how fragile a newborn baby is and how sensitive their skin is. Everybody wants the best for their children, that's why we strongly recommend buying only cotton clothing for babies.

Since cotton is a natural fabric, you don't have to worry about your baby getting rashes or eczema.

Cotton is very soft by nature and is very gentle on delicate baby skin.

This beautiful fabric is non-allergenic and is a perfect choice for babies who suffer from asthma, because it doesn't release small particles that could trigger an attack.

Cotton is easy to care for.

It can be washed in cold or hot water and can be tumbled dry or dried in the sun.

Cotton is usually not subjected to chemical treatments and finishings. The synthetic products on the other hand are treated with lots of chemicals to give them a soft touch.

I hope you are now convinced that cotton is the best choice for your baby.

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