Vulli Natural Baby Toys And Sophie Baby Teethers Available Online At Brands For Kids December 07 2014

Sophie The Giraffe and Other Vulli Natural Baby Toys Now Available Online At Brands For Kids.


Vulli natural baby toys and Sophie baby teethers can be found in over 50 countries and on all 7 continents. With more than 50 million Sophies already sold, now is a good time to get one for yourself or as a very special gift. But, you don't have to search the globe. Browsing for Sophie and her friends conveniently starts and ends right here online.

What keeps the Sophie baby teether so popular since its creation more than half a century ago? It's the only all-natural, 100% safe rubber teether on the market anywhere in the world. The size and shape is designed to be a perfect fit for a baby's grasp. And, it stimulates all 5 senses from the first few months of age!

* Touch - Sophie and her friends are as soft as a mother's skin and this triggers emotional and physiological responses that are reassuring and calming. Simply holding a Sophie teether is often enough to end a baby's bout of crying.

* Taste - The 100% natural soft rubber is very similar in taste to a regular feeding bottle, delivering a familiar and comforting association.

* Sight - The high contrast visuals provided by the dark polka dots soon develop recognition and familiarity that's soothing.

* Sound - The built-in squeakers stimulate hearing and keep the babies entertained. As an added bonus, the simple relationship of cause and effect is grasped (yes, even at this early age!) as the Sophie toys emit a fun, attention-grabbing whistle when lightly squeezed by wee hands.

* Smell - Hevea natural latex rubber has a very pleasant and distinct scent that makes the Vulli teething toys readily identifiable.

Sophie the Giraffe Gift Box contains the timeless Sophie with the original design. It's still made in the original, traditional 14-step process that transforms the milky sap (liquid latex!) of the Malaysian Hevea trees into an amusing, comforting, natural and much loved teething buddy. The 100% safe, natural rubber teethng giraffe is hand decorated with food paints.

Sophie looks exactly as she did in 1961! She has ears, legs and horns that are perfect chewing surfaces that give babies the option of reaching the gums as far back as the molars. The long legs and neck are easy for little fingers to grip securely. Each Sophie Giraffe is laser-stamped with a unique number on one leg.

The So'Pure Teething Ring is a soft model of Sophie with extra gripping loops for more grasping options. And, Sophie now has a collection of Baby Teether Friends that include Gabin the Bear, Lazare the Cat and Margot the Turtle. They're so adorable, you'll want to collect them all!

And, there are two irresistable collectible cousins now available. Baby Teethers Pie Pink (also Sophie's best friend!) and Chan Blue have shapes that are more slender and rounded, making them ultra-easy for wee ones to hold firmly.

Baby Teether Chan BlueBaby Teether Pie Pink
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written by: Zanne