Shop For Babies First Shoes And Toddler Shoes Online At Brands For Kids.Com.Au December 06 2014

Shop For Babies First Shoes And Toddler Shoes Online At Brands For Kids.

Enjoy the convenience of shopping online for babies first shoes and toddler shoes at Selecting the perfect proper footwear for your wee ones doesn't get any easier than this!

It's usually tempting to go for the cute, trendy first walker shoes for babies. Clogs, pointed-toe boots and hard-soled shoes with raised heels might look adorable but they're not the right choice for little ones who are learning to walk. Why? Because they don't give the stability and support that a newbie walker needs.

Once a little one begins to walk, there are two primary reasons for purchasing babies first shoes. The proper footwear will protect the busy, toddling feet from injury. The ideal baby first walker shoes will also be a confidence booster as the right design and materials reduce the risk of falling.

Totsox Baby & Toddler Rubber Soled Socks work double duty as a combination one-piece soft cotton knit, breathable sock with a safety rubber shoe-like sole that securely grips wooden, vinyl and tiled floors indoors. The rubber spikes provide slip-resistant superior traction on outdoor surfaces, as well.

The Totsox rubber spiked soles are flexible and this is an extremely important feature. The normal foot flexes as much as 40 degrees while walking and proper babies first walker shoes and toddler shoes will allow this natural movement for the sake of optimum balance, co-ordination and natural foot development.

Totsox are designed to be practical, comfortable, safe and supportive. Everything about these fun, quirky non slip socks (shoes? socks? shoe-socks!) make them the ideal choice for baby first walker shoes. Even the price! They're a value-packed bargain at $24.95!

When it comes to babies and toddlers, shoes need to be replaced frequently as they're quickly outgrown. Purchasing new shoes every three months or so doesn't have to break the bank. There's no reason to buy ultra-expensive and highly durable toddler shoes; they won't use them long enough to wear them out.

Totsox designs are cute and fun! Picture your little girl or boy toddling around with bright Busy Bee feet or chugging along with Choo Choo Train locomotion! Or, how about a backyard jungle adventure in a Zebra print?


Purchase a different design each time a larger size is ordered or stick to the design that your little one likes best. They fit sizes 9 months to 24 months.

Use the letters (L for left - R for right) on the soles of the non slip baby socks as teaching tools. Before you know it, your toddler will be correctly matching the marked sock-shoes to the appropriate feet.

Care is ultra simple. They're machine washable and very fast drying so they're quickly ready for the next toddling adventure.

Browse online today for your Phthalate-free Totsox babies first shoes and toddler shoes - the safe, affordable and fun baby first walker shoe selection.