Best Christmas gift ideas for babies and little children are at Brands For Kids December 05 2014

The best Christmas gift ideas for babies and little children are at Brands For Kids.

Less than 3 weeks to go before Christmas. It is interesting how your life and your view on certain things changes once you have a child. To see the world through their eyes is an unbelievable gift, probably the biggest we get in our lives. My son is now 3 and half and he couldn't be more excited about the big day approaching. He tries his best to be as well behaved as possible to make sure that Santa won't forget him. He is very modest in his wishes, but knows exactly what he wants. So far he asked for only one present! It is easier to chose which present if you know what your little one wants, but what about the teeny-tiny ones? The ones who can't tell you just yet what they wish for? We put together a list of our favourite things for babies and little children:


  1. Apple Park Organic Farm Gift Set - Boxer Dog

Crafted from Certified Organic Cotton and Natural Corn filling - it is a fantastic present for any parent who appreciates organic products.

  1. Mini Raindrop Cushion

This cute little raindrop, with its watercolour blush cheeks will make a lovely addition to any nursery or child's bedroom.

  1. Totsox Babies and Toddler Rubber Soled Socks 

Has your baby just started to walk? Or has he/she already mastered his/her first steps and is already toddling along? Either way, you will love these super cute rubber soled socks, as they are perfect for babies who have just started to walk, as well as for little toddlers up to approximately 2 years of age.

  1. Mayoral Baby Boy Denim Sport Shoes Blue

These little booties are perfect for little feet.  Each pair comes in a box so they are also an ideal present for a new born baby boy to put under the Christmas tree.

  1. Sophie the Giraffe Gift Box

If you have never heard about Sophie the giraffe before, it is definitely time to get one. Sophie has been sold over 50,000,000 times worldwide and is one of the most popular baby toys in the world. Sophie the giraffe is the one and only baby rubber teething toy that is 100% natural! There is no better gift for a new baby for Christmas.

  1. Lazare the Cat

And if you are already lucky enough to have Sophie, then how about her new best friend? Lazare the Cat. Like all Les Folies baby teethers, this new addition from this beautiful French brand, Lazare is the perfect toy to stimulate all of a baby's senses.

But, there are so many more beautiful toys and cloths for babies and children at Brands For Kids, just go ahead and take a look.

And of course have fun because that's what shopping for little children should be!

Merry Christmas!