Yum, yum, chocolate cupcake! October 27 2014

I know, I know! I really should be writing about something related to baby and children's clothes, online shopping or current spring/summer trends for little people, but, hey, it is Monday and it has been raining all night and all morning. My husband took the car due the terrible weather conditions, so Max and I are stuck at home without any chance to get out. And what could be a better way to spend a rainy morning at home than making some delicious chocolate cupcakes. 

What will you need:

185g butter

125g raw sugar (I used only 80g and it was still nice and sweet)

2 tablespoon golden syrup

250g milk

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

185 g plain flower

  1. Put butter, golden syrup and milk in TM and melt it for 4 min, at 70 degrees, speed 1
  2. Add remaining ingredients and mix on speed 5 for 5 seconds. Repeat if necessary. 
  3. Divide butter into 12 cupcakes tins and bake for 16 minutes at 160 degrees.

YUM!!!! All credit for this recipe goes to the Thermomix official recipe community. 

When done, make yourself a cup of tea, give your little one some warm milk and go explore our site. After all we have a beautiful collection of baby and children's gifts and clothes:-)

And don't forget the cupcake!

Have a great week!!