Girls Tops on Sale @ Brands For Kids October 10 2014

Carter's girls tops on sale @ Brands For Kids

Just finished this collage and realised that having a baby girl would probably cost our family a fortune... Not that boys are cheap, but most of the time Max doesn't care too much about what I dress him in. He instead has fun by running away from me when I am trying to dress him. All a different story with the girls. My little nice, when she was Max's age really appreciated the latest fashion I bought for her. She would put it on immediately and stare at her self in the mirror for quite a while trying to get a look from every possible angle. So funny... Anyway, we have some very special girls tops from Carter's and Fresh on sale for just $9.95. Check them out:

Carter's Girls top "I Love Lemonade"

Carter's Girls top "Love"

Fresh Girls Top "Cherries"

Have fun shopping!