The best baby owl toys are at Brands For Kids May 20 2014

We are officially in love with owls! Yes, you heard right, we love owls. Just have a quick look at these cute little birdies and let us know if you can resist.

How about this huggable, snuggable night owl baby bath robe to keep your baby girl warm and dry after bath? Whoooo - you never will have problems to get her out of the bath any more.

 And here comes the biggest splash at the next baby shower and we bet that every bath will be a hoot!

To prove that here at Brands for kids we truly give a hoot about your new baby, meet our cuddly owl plush rattle toy accompanied by lovie blanket, canvas door hanger and keepsake basket.

We hope that all these adorable baby items will help your little one to sleep tight,

Good night!

Hoot, hoot!