Organic Baby Blankies From Apple Park April 23 2014

Today I want to give you a little info about these cute organic baby blankets from Apple Park.


People sometimes buy different kinds of blankets, but my suggestion to you is to stick to one kind, but get at least two - because babies get really attached to them. They get used to how they feel and how they smell and sleep with them and chew on them. You will want to wash them every couple of days and so it is good idea to have two of them. You can switch them and they age together. Ageing together is important; and with ageing I mean alternating between toys as you wash them. Otherwise if your child has a Robbie Racoon for the first six months and you then give him a new Robbie Racoon at the end of the six months, even though it is exactly the same, he or she won't like it. It won't feel the same, smell the same or taste the same. He or she will scream to give him/her the old one! And we don't really want to think what will happen if you lose it. So you can see it is a good idea to have two.

All blankies are 30 by 30 cm and are super soft. Like all Apple Park products they are made of certified organic cotton. They are very safe for babies and good for environment. Free from harmful chemicals and are naturally hypoallergenic. If your baby happens to have an allergy, these little buddies would be an ideal choice.            

All toys have got little hands, feet and ears - the parts babies love to chew on.

It is a really good idea if you sleep with them for a couple of days before you give it to your baby. It will have your scent and comfort the little one. They are of course washable and I strongly recommend to wash them before you give to your child.          

Now hurry and check them out. There are couple to choose from. They are a fantastic present for any new parent .