Little boys hair styles April 27 2014

Little boys hair styles

baby's first haircut

First things first. My son's hair doesn't look anything like the cool styles on the pictures in this post. Speaking openly we have been to the hairdresser twice since he was born and he is nearly three. He does not like to get his hair cut!

I wish our visits to the hairdresser would look something like this:

Baby's First Haircut

Or at least like this:

first haircuts are always traumatic

But our reality is closer to this:

kids haircuts cry 12 Kids like haircuts like I like being told Santa Claus isn’t real (27 Photos)

He has probably got the messiest hair in whole of Melbourne. And there is not much I can do about it. I guess I just have to let them grow long until he asks me on his own to cut them. I actually don't mind when little boys have longer hair.

Haircut to show the stylist     

I always found that short cuts make them look grown up too soon,  transforming them from a baby to a boy.

Which one is your favourite?


First Haircuts and Cute Hairstyles for Toddler BoysSO CUTE

Little boy haircut idea for my son's long hair.

Great little boys haircut. Have no idea why ricki martin is in the pic tho lol

Looking for simple long-on-top boys' haircuts.