Organic Baby Toys at Brands For Kids February 01 2014

We are very excited because we have added another great brand to the Brands For Kids range of beautiful products for babies and children. Our latest discovery is the adorable range of organic toys from Apple Park.

Apple Park is a San Francisco based company that makes luxurious products for babies and children, which are also environmentally friendly and responsible.

Why organic you say? I did a little research and here is some information for you to understand why you need organic products for your baby or toddler:

When a baby comes to this world it has already been exposed to hundreds of chemicals, for example from the food we (mothers) eat, medication and clothing. To choose organic toys for your baby is a sensible choice to prevent further contact with even more chemicals.

As we all know, babies and toddlers love to chew on their toys. Only problem is that many toys contain BPA which can be harmful to reproductive health and have been linked to many health problems such as Asthma and allergies. Organic products like those from Apple Park are naturally hypoallergenic because they are made from 100% organic cotton and are free from harmful chemicals and materials.

Organic toys are also good for environment. The farms that grow organic cotton use only natural pest control. Organic farming saves energy, protects water quality and keeps harmful chemicals out of our environment.

And if all these facts are not enough, just have a look at these cute organic farm buddies and you will fall in love with them just as we did.

Please meet Boxer Dog, Pirate Pig, Chef Cow, Penny Pig, and Poncho Pony.